2035 Call For Projects

The evaluation criteria and schedule described below was used for the evaluation of candidate projects for the 2035 Regional Transportation Plan. The plan was adopted by the MPO Executive Board on December 15, 2010.

2010 Schedule for Submitting Project Ideas

January 6 Unofficial call-for-projects for local government members
January 20 Official call-for-projects made by the MPO Executive Board.
January 22 First deadline: Local government members to update the MPO on the status of projects currently in the plan
February 3 Presentation of future travel demand & roadway deficiencies to the MPO's Technical Coordinating Committee
February 19 Second deadline: Local government members to submit refined details on existing and new candidate projects to the MPO
March 3 Presentation of initial project prioritization to MPO's Technical Coordinating Committee
March 31 Final deadline: Local government members must submit all final details and local endorsements of proposed projects
April 1 - April 30 Project evaluation and prioritization

Project Evaluation

With little chance that there will be enough funding around to pay for all transportation improvements identified over the next few months, the MPO will evaluate each candidate project for its ability to fulfill regional goals for livability, sustainability, prosperity, and diversity. The following are some of the questions that will guide that analysis.




Availability of Transportation Choices

Socio-Cultural Resources/ Natural Environmental

Title VI/ ADA Compliance

System Preservation/ Financial Sustainability

Economic Benefit

Consistency with Plans

Forms & Documents

The Call-for-Projects period has ended.