TDOT Multimodal Access Fund

2014 Multimodal Access Grant: Abstract & Application Process

The Tennessee Department of Transportation has announced a second year of funding for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure improvements under the relatively new Multimodal Access Fund. The TDOT Multimodal Access Fund is created out of state gas-tax revenue and is a statewide competition to fund projects that can be completed within a short timeframe.

Each MPO and RPO in the state is invited to submit up to two projects for TDOT to consider for funding. Each project may be up to $1 million in total project costs, and must be on a state route or within a 1/4 mile of a state route and connect to the state route.

Because of the short timeline between the fund announcement and the application deadline, the MPO is requiring all applicants to submit a brief abstract between October 1st and October 15th. The purpose of the abstract is for MPO staff to review potential project submittals to ensure projects qualify for the program and are reasonable in terms of scope and time-frame. The MPO will review abstracts and provide approval or feedback to member jurisdictions within 24 hours of abstract receipt.

Upon abstract approval, applications will be completed and submitted to the MPO by October 31st. MPO staff will review the applications and will prepare a ranked list of projects, including the top two projects, for approval by the MPO Executive Board at the November 12, 2014 Executive Board Meeting in order to meet TDOT's submission deadline.

Call-for-Projects: Schedule of Activities

The MPO will begin accepting abstracts on October 1, 2014 and must receive abstracts for all projects that will be considered for application. Approved abstracts may move forward for full application, with the deadline for summiting the application to the MPO by close of business, October 31, 2014.

September 15 TDOT Announces the Multimodal Access Fund
October 1 Abstract submittal begins for all projects
October 15 Final day to submit abstracts
October 31 Approved applications due to MPO
November 3 MPO works with regional BPAC to evaluate and prioritize proposals
November 12 Executive Board Meeting: Two candidate projects endorsed
November 13 MPO works with project applicants to optimize proposals
December 10 MPO submitstwo project applications to TDOT

Project Evaluation Criteria

The MPO established a process for evaluating bicycle and pedestrian stand-alone infrastructure projects as part of the Active Transportation Program created in the 2035 Regional Transportation Project. The evaluation process includes both a quantitative project review by staff, as well as a qualitative project review by the Nashville Area MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee. The evaluation criteria closely align with the criteria that TDOT has published in the application guidelines for the Multimodal Access Fund:

Safety (1-20 points)

Multimodal Connections (1-25 points)

Availability of Transportation Choices (1-20 points)

Local Plans (1-10 points)

Timeline (1-15 points)

Economic Development (1-10 points)

Total Points = 100

Click to access the application guidelines and to access the application. The MPO staff and Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee will consider the TDOT scoring criteria in the review of all applications. The MPO strives to ensure that the projects which most closely align with the goals and objectives of the 2035 Regional Transportation Plan and are most likely to be completed within the required timeframe will be recommended to TDOT.

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